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Discover your baby’s gender from the start !

Why you shouldn't trust Ramzi Theory to predict baby gender

We all crave to know if it is a boy or a girl especially during early pregnancy. Unfortunately, Ramzi Theory won’t help. Here is why you should not trust Ramzi Theory to predict the sex of your baby based on an early ultrasound.

What is the Ramzi Method ?

The Ramzi method was first described in 2011 by Saad Ramzi Ismail in an article published on This theory indicates that it is possible to make a gender prediction between 6 to 8 weeks pregnant based on the location of the chorionic villi / placenta in the uterus.

Palcenta location according to Ramzi theory

More precisely, if the chorionic villi/placenta is located on the right side of the uterus, it predicts a boy and if it is located on the left side of the uterus, the baby is a girl, all with more than 97% of accuracy !

What is wrong with the Ramzi theory ?

The first problem comes from the author of the research. In an interview he gave to the bottlesoup website, Saad Ramzi Ismail revealed that he isn’t a doctor in medicine and holds, instead, a PhD in Public Health and a master’s degree in medical ultrasounds. So this person is not qualified to conduct medical research.

shocked woman

The second reason why you should not trust this theory is because it has never been published in a scientific journal and has not been peer-reviewed. The source of this article is the website which is privately owned and has no track record in publishing cross-validated medical research. We have contacted them about this subject but have not recieved a response yet.

The third reason why you should not trust this theory is because two legit studies conducted by accredited doctors and published in scientific journals have found that the location of the chorionic villi / placenta in the uterus is not predictive of a baby’s gender (see the first and second study).

What’s more, we learn that the placenta’s location inside the uterus is neither right or left for more than 20% of all pregnancies. Finally, professional medical organizations, including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), don't recognize the Ramzi theory.

Why you shouldn’t pay for Ramzi (fun) predictions

We are surprised to see some gender prediction websites selling Ramzi theory analysis just as if this theory was scientifically proven. What’s more, even if the theory was reliable, it would be impossible to correctly indentify right vs. left in the uterus without knowing how the transducer was held when the image was taken. So please, avoid paying for fun guesses and instead check out our free and fun chinese calendar simulator !

Is skull theory accurate to predict baby gender ?

Skull theory is a method that some people believe can be used to predict the gender of an unborn baby based on the shape of the mother's bump or the shape of the baby's skull. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the accuracy of this theory, and it is not a reliable way to determine the gender of a baby.

What are proven ways to find out the sex of my baby during the first trimester of pregnancy?

If you want to know whether you're having a boy or a girl during the first trimester of pregnancy, you have two non invasive methods :

You can also simply wait until the mid-pregnancy ultrasound between 16 and 20 weeks : at that point, your baby's genitals are developed enough for the sonographer to clearly recognize them.

Finally, we are proud to announce that BABYGRAM’s methodology to identify your baby’s gender as early as 9 weeks pregnant with a mean of 85% accuracy will soon be published in a scientific journal and will join the proven methods to determine your baby’s gender ! Our method relies on the nub theory that is widely backed by science and on an algorithm of artificial intelligence that compares your ultrasound to more than 10 000 images for which we know the gender and term of pregnancy.

Order now your scan analysis to discover if your baby is a boy or a girl ! We answer within 24h and asap with the express formula and you get a full refund if your images are not readable or provide a less than 70% reliable result.


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What people say about us

Linda T.

Great service, had my answer in 2 hours, and you got it RIGHT ! First baby girl after 2 boys !! thanks !

Amber B.

Confirmed Girl and you knew it even if I was only 9 weeks pregnant. Congrats to your team !

Emily J.

Happy to finaly find a serious gender prediction service online ! I was about to order Ramzi theory but I read your article explaining it was all fake ! THANK YOU

Jennifer and Michael

So excited to get a glimpse on our baby's gender, we were really impatient to know and our obgyn wouldnt give us a clue, a huge thank you !

Nadia H.

Top service, answer received in 3 hours apparently it would be a little girl it's also what my doctor told me but I wanted to confirm too happy with this second opinion, I will keep you informed at the time of the scan of the 2nd trimester!

Ashley MB.

A little boy for me, CONFIRMED at second scan ! Thanks for this service !

Mary F

You told me GIRL with 87% chance and your were right! A big Thank You to Stephanie from customer service she is so nice !

Patricia G.

At first I came here to use the chinese calendar predictor but you looked serious so I ordered an analysis. Result: confirmed boy at birth !

Carole K.

I am so happy with this service, I knew my grandchild's gender before my son and his wife who still dont want to know !

Lola S.

You got him right at 8 weeks only, thank you !


I got a bit confused when uploading the pics but apart from that I recommend your service!


Got my result in an hour with the express delivery, thank you !


At last I got a girl, I am thrilled thank you !!

June & Jon

You got her right ♥

Chiara D

There was no nub visible on my photo so your service was the only way to know my baby's gender and YOU GOT HIM RIGHT !! This is impressive, I wish you good luck to develop this amazing service !

Violetta R

My husband was skeptical but you were right on my baby girl despite all other guesses, thank you !!

Dora L.

It did not work for me so I was refunded, a bit disappointed but I appreciate your honesty.

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