Discover your baby’s gender from the start !

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Discover your baby’s gender from the start !

We use artificial intelligence to find out your baby's gender !

Today, artificial intelligence is widely used in medicine

Born in the 1950s with the pioneer work of Alan Turing, artificial intelligence is a set of techniques that allow machines to perform tasks like humans.

In healthcare, artificial intelligence can analyze complex medical data and help make more accurate diagnosis, develop innovative treatment protocols, help make new drugs ...

Genital nub example on a fetal ultrasound

Most leading medical institutions, large tech companies like IBM and Google as well as startups are developing artificial intelligence algorithms in all areas of medicine. For example, researchers at Stanford University have created a medical image analysis algorithm that can detect pneumonia better than radiologists. The start up Cardiologs has developed an algorithm to detect cardiac pathologies.

How does the BABYGRAM algorithm work and how reliable is it?

BABYGRAM has developed an artificial intelligence algorithm to predict as early as nine weeks of pregnancy, the sex of a fetus from ultrasound images. To do this, BABYGRAM has assembled a database of more than 10,000 ultrasound images annotated with the term of pregnancy and the sex of the fetus.

Genital nub example on a fetal ultrasound

After analyzing these classified images, our algorithm became able to correctly classify images of girl / boy fetuses.

What's even more interesting, is that the program can also correctly classify images of fetuses that it has never seen during the learning phase !

This is called the ability to generalize and this is how the algorithm is smart ! Thus, our algorithm can predict the sex of a baby as early as 9 weeks of pregnancy with 85% average reliability and up to 99%. This is possible, even when we cannot see the genital nub which is the undifferentiated organ that will transform into a penis or clitoris during pregnancy and which can be interpreted to identify the sex of the baby from 12 weeks of pregnancy.

This unique and revolutionary method is currently the subject of research work for future publication in a scientific magazine in order to join the reliable and proven methods by science to know your baby’s gender !

Find out today if you are expecting a boy or a girl by sending your ultrasound !


What people say about us

Linda T.

Great service, had my answer in 2 hours, and you got it RIGHT ! First baby girl after 2 boys !! thanks !

Amber B.

Confirmed Girl and you knew it even if I was only 9 weeks pregnant. Congrats to your team !

Emily J.

Happy to finaly find a serious gender prediction service online ! I was about to order Ramzi theory but I read your article explaining it was all fake ! THANK YOU

Jennifer and Michael

So excited to get a glimpse on our baby's gender, we were really impatient to know and our obgyn wouldnt give us a clue, a huge thank you !

Nadia H.

Top service, answer received in 3 hours apparently it would be a little girl it's also what my doctor told me but I wanted to confirm too happy with this second opinion, I will keep you informed at the time of the scan of the 2nd trimester!

Ashley MB.

A little boy for me, CONFIRMED at second scan ! Thanks for this service !

Mary F

You told me GIRL with 87% chance and your were right! A big Thank You to Stephanie from customer service she is so nice !

Patricia G.

At first I came here to use the chinese calendar predictor but you looked serious so I ordered an analysis. Result: confirmed boy at birth !

Carole K.

I am so happy with this service, I knew my grandchild's gender before my son and his wife who still dont want to know !

Lola S.

You got him right at 8 weeks only, thank you !


I got a bit confused when uploading the pics but apart from that I recommend your service!


Got my result in an hour with the express delivery, thank you !


At last I got a girl, I am thrilled thank you !!

June & Jon

You got her right ♥

Chiara D

There was no nub visible on my photo so your service was the only way to know my baby's gender and YOU GOT HIM RIGHT !! This is impressive, I wish you good luck to develop this amazing service !

Violetta R

My husband was skeptical but you were right on my baby girl despite all other guesses, thank you !!

Dora L.

It did not work for me so I was refunded, a bit disappointed but I appreciate your honesty.

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